by Stan Coffey

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What To Do When Trials Come (43 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 40

INTRODUCTION: Of all the people we see in the Word of God Joseph stands above most of them. He truly became a spiritual giant and led the life bringing honor and glory to the Lord. However, as we come to this chapter we see the maturing of Joseph. God had to test Joseph to see if he could be entrusted with personal revival and renewal. It is important that we differentiate between temptation and testing. Temptation doesn't come from the God, (James 1) temptation comes from Satan to cause the Christian to stumble. Testing comes from God to teach us to stand. In today's lesson Joseph faces some unfair trials. He was imprisoned and it became a trial of his faith. He had been falsely accused, lied about and taken captive. It was patently unfair. God wanted to know if Joseph was the kind of man that he could bless mightily. How do you respond to the test of unfair trials?

1. Many give up and say what's the use.
2. Others become discouraged. Joseph could have done so.
3. We can quietly put our trust in the Lord as we continue to serve him and learn from our trials what God would teach us.

A. Joseph was consistent in his attitude - Joseph continued to have the attitude of a servant
1. When he was placed in Potiphar's house as a slave he was conscientious
2. He was thrown in prison and he was still conscientious
B. He was consistent in his action - He continued to act in the roll of a servant
1. He practiced in prison what he did outside of prison
2. He refused to retreat into a shell and continued to be active in serving others
C. He was consistent in his allegiance
1. He was like Jesus who practiced on the cross what he preached on the sunny hillside of Galilee
2. Jesus said "he that would be the greatest among you let him be the servant of all"
3. He sees the opportunity to be a witness to ...

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