by Stan Coffey

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Formula For Family Failure (34 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 27
August 9, 1987

INTRODUCTION: Normally we think of Isaac as one of the outstanding types of Christ in the Old Testament and so he was in Genesis 22. But Isaac is no type of Christ in Genesis 27. If he is a type of anything he is a type of the backslidden, worldly, carnal Christian. It is a sad fact that while we may at one stage of our lives mirror the beauties and graces of Christ we may at another stage reflect the exact opposite. In chapter 27 an entire family is shattered and the weaknesses that were present in the family for years are now displayed.

The situation displayed in Genesis 27 did not develop in a single day. It had its roots when Esau and Jacob were born and when Isaac and Rebekah each chose a favorite son. The story begins with the head of the home. Once he was a Christ-like man. Once he had been a well digger leaving behind him a trail of blessing and refreshment for others. Now he had become sadly unspiritual.
A. First of all notice Isaac's concern - vs. 1 and 2
Although Isaac lived to be forty three years older after this experience his thoughts were full of death. Therefore, he decided to take care of his will and to bequeath his patriarchal blessing
1. The blessing contained within it a double portion of all property
2. The blessing contained the right of progenitorship, the right to stand in direct line as an ancestor of Christ
3. The blessing had to be bestowed in accordance with the reveal mind and will of God therefore Isaac was right in what he wanted to do but wrong in deciding to give the blessing to his favorite, Esau. God had said "the elder shall serve the younger."
B. We are told next of Isaac's carnality - vs. 3 and 4
1. Isaac exhibited the stubborn enmity of a carnal mind - Rom. 8:5-8
"The carnal mind is enmity against God"
2. Isaac exhibit ...

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