by Stan Coffey

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It's Never Too Late For God (25 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 17

INTRODUCTION: We've been studying the great career of Abraham and it is certainly a lesson for the Christian. It shows that it's never too late for God. It absolutely proves that God keeps his promises and often he brings us to the place of the impossible in order for the promise to be fulfilled. For thirteen long years, Abraham received no word from God. He was eighty-six when Ishmael was born and ninety-nine when, God at last, broke the silence. When God did speak at last, it was to gather up the various threads of promise he had already made and to weave them into one great comprehensive covenant known as the Abrahamic Covenant. This is one of the most important utterances in human language and has left its mark on all subsequent history. What is happening in the Middle East today is an outworking of this covenant.

A. In absolute subjection - vs. 1-3
1. The Trinity presented
a. The Lord (Jehovah) appeared unto Abram. This is the Jesus of the New Testament
b. He spoke as the "Almighty God", (El Shaddai) the Holy Spirit in the New Testament
c. God (Elohim) - vs. 3 - talked with Abram - the Father
2. The Testament presented - vs. 2
a. God will bless the work of the servant
b. God will bless the servant of the work
B. In absolute silence - vs. 3-16
1. The substance of the promise - vs. 3 "Abram fell on his face"
a. The principle involved - an irrevocable agreement - vs. 4-6
b. The people involved - not only Israel but many other nations
c. The person inv ...

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