by Stan Coffey

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Was The Devil Once A Talking Snake? (9 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 3:1-6
November 30, 1986

INTRODUCTION: Satan is a decided fact, Satan is a destructive force and Satan is also a defeated foe. We need to learn about the devil. The scripture says we're not to be ignorant of his devices. He has done all that he can to pull the veil of darkness across his kingdom so that we will not understand how he works. The scripture teaches that the devil is very methodical and here in the opening pages of God's Word we find something of the dark, devilish methods of Satan.

A. First of all Satan appears where we would least expect him
1. We would least expect the devil to appear in the Garden of Eden, a perfect environment
2. Satan also appears where we would least expect him today, in the church, in the Christian home - II Cor. 11:3
B. He also appears in forms. that we're not suspecting
1. The serpent - v. 1 "The shining one"
a. This speaks of his beauty - he was a glorious creature
b. His name originally was Lucifer which means light bearer - Isa. 14
c. Satan is able today to transform himself as an angel of light - II Cor. 11:3
2. He is the master of deception
a. He was more subtle than any beast of the field-- v. 1
b. He is a murderer and a liar - John 8:44 His motive is murder, his method is to lie
3. He is double-tongued but not double-minded
4. He is the cleverest liar and the cleverest liar can tell a lie that sounds most like the truth
5. He slanders the character of God
a. He would rather get you to believe a wrong thing tha ...

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