by Stan Coffey

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God's Finished Work (6 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 2:1-3
October 26, 1986

INTRODUCTION: On the seventh day God, having ended his work, rested and then "blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it." Thus was instituted the Sabbath rest. Ten times in verse 2 and 3, God is mentioned by name as though to emphasize the fact that it was God's Sabbath. Later on he extended it to Israel as a part of his covenant with that people. Exodus 20:9, "Six days shalt thou labor." But it is also spiritual to rest. Here, in the very first book of the Bible, is a marvelous lesson about spiritual rest. We need to learn to rest because you're not really ready to work until you've learned to rest.

I. FIRST REST - Genesis 2:1-3
A. God's rest was symbolic
1. God does not grow tired - Isaiah 40:28
God's rest in this passage was very similar to the rest in music. It emphasizes a time for pause or reflection.
2. God's rest was a spiritual rest. God did not rest because he was tired but because he wanted to teach us a lesson about spiritual rest.

A. The Sabbath was given to Israel - Exodus 20:8
1. The principle of work
a. Six days shalt thou labor
b. Jesus was a working man. God wants us to work as Jesus worked
c. A man who will not work does not deserve to eat - II Thess. 3:10
2. The principle of rest
We need to rest because we are body, soul and spirit
a. Rest replenishes the spirit. Just like a battery can run down and needs to be recharged, so the spiritual life can run down and needs to be recharged on the Lord's Day.
b. Rest refreshes the soul. The soul is the emotional, psychological and mental part of man.
c. Rest restores the body. Our physical bodies need a time of restoration and rest.
B. The sabbath day is primarily Jewish - Exodus 31:12
1. The sabbath is a sign between God and Israel
2. The sabbath was not given to the New Testament Christian
C. Christians worship on the first day of the week
1. J ...

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