by Stan Coffey

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Did God Make Man Or Did Man Make God? (4 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 1:24-31
October 5, 1986

INTRODUCTION: Our lesson today reveals that man and beast were created on the same day. As we think about man and the animals there is one supreme question. The question is this "Was man created in the image of God or is God created in the imagination of man?"

I. DID MAN CREATE GOD OR DID GOD CREATE MAN? There are three possible answers to this question.
#1 The answer of evolution - did man just spring from some speck of protoplasm by spontaneous generation? Evolution is not a science but a philosophical approach to the mind and the man who will not accept God.
#2 Theistic evolution - an attempt to homogenize both the idea of evolution and creation. This position says God created the world but he did it by evolution. Those who hold this view says it just doesn't make any difference how God did it, the important thing is that God did it. This view is unacceptable because if God said he did it one way and did it another way then the Bible would not be reliable.
#3 The literal view - that God created man in his own image apart from an evolutionary process. In part 1 of this lesson we will see how God created man and the animals. Then we will look at a comparison of man with the animals and then in part 2 we will study a contrast between man and the animals.
A. God created Adam - verses 26 and 27
B. God crowned Adam - verses 28-31
1. God crowned Adam with a posterity "Be fruitful and multiply" (Chapter 1:28)
From Adam and Eve the whole human race was to spring. Adam is consistently seen in the Bible as the federal head of the human race. The doctrine of evolution, by striking at the story of Adam and Eve, launches a critical attack upon the Word of God. Cut Genesis 1 from the Bible and you must also tear out Romans 5 where God sums the whole human race up in Adam and traces sin and sorrow back to him. Jesus believed in a litera ...

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