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Book of Zechariah (51 of 54)
Series: Through the Bible Survey
Stan Coffey

AUTHORSHIP: The name Zechariah, a very prevalent one in the Old Testament means ''the Lord remembers''. Zechariah's prophetic ministry began some two months after that of his older contemporary Haggai. (Chapter 1:1) Zechariah was one of the leading priests who returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel. (Nehemiah 12:1-4)

DATE: 520-480 BC

THEME: Zechariah was unusually blessed by God's spirit and his messianic prophecies are among the greatest and most comprehensive of all the minor prophets. There is more in Zechariah about Jerusalem and Jesus than in any other prophetical books. All through the book you will notice Jerusalem and Jesus mentioned and what God is going to do with the city of Jerusalem and what God is going to do in sending the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. With the exception of the prophet Isaiah, Zechariah gives us more prophecy about the coming of Christ than any other of the Old Testament writers.

I. ISRAEL'S FUTURE - Chapter 1-6

A. The Lord commands Israel - Chapter 1:1-6
B. The Lord comforts Israel - Chapter 1:7 through Chapter 6:15

1. The vision of the angel of the Lord - verse 7-17. God's promise of mercy and compassion to Jerusalem and the cities of Judah following the judgment of the Babylonian captivity.
2. The vision of the horns and the carpenters - verse 18-21. The very same powers (horns) brought destruction to Israel and Judah, one day themselves to be cut off.
3. The vision of the man with the measuring line - Chapter 2:1-13. This vision points out that the future glory of Jerusalem will be beyond compare. The city of Jerusalem will one day be inhabited again and there will be no need for a wall about the city.
4. The vision of Joshua, the high priest - Chapter 3:1-10. Joshua's filthy garments repres ...

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