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Why God Sings! (49 of 54)
Series: Through the Bible Survey
Stan Coffey


INTRODUCTION: There's coming a time when God is going to break forth in song. What is it that will cause God to sing for joy? We will discover the answer to this question in our study of Zephaniah.

AUTHORSHIP: Zephaniah whose name means ''God has treasured or hidden'' traces his ancestry four generations back (Ch. 1:1) to indicate his royal lineage as the great-great grandson of King Hizkiah (Hezekiah). This means that royal blood flowed in the veins of this prophet of God.

DATE: Zephaniah prophesied during the reign of Josiah, 640-609 BC. It was during the reign of Josiah when Israel experienced a great revival. While repairing the temple, Josiah discovered a book which had been covered in dust and they brushed off that book and found it to be the Word of God. Josiah then announced a national time of mourning and prayer and then established Bible reading in the nation once again. Although there was temporary revival and outwardly the people seemed to be returning to God, inwardly it was not genuine and real. Many of the people had repented only because of the leadership of the king. That is, outwardly they went along, but inwardly there was no change in their hearts. So Zephaniah was given the task of preaching the true message of God to a generation of people who had gone through a popular religious awakening that was not genuine and not real.

THEME: The Book of Zephaniah can be divided into two portions. The first portion of the book has to do with the judgment of the Lord. The emphasis there is upon the fact that God is going to bring judgment upon the people who are not genuine and who are not sincere in their repentance. The second part of the book has to do with the joy of the Lord. The prophet concludes with the most wonderful promises of Israel's future restoration and of the happy state of the purified people of God in the last days. (Zephani ...

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