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Israel: God's Miracle Nation (33 of 54)
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Dr. Stan Coffey

(The Books of Jeremiah and Lamentations)
AUTHORSHIP: The prophet, Jeremiah, served during the final years of the Southern Kingdom from 640 to 586 BC. Jeremiah was a sensitive young man who was called from the obscurity of his native town to assume at a critical hour in the nation's life, the overwhelming responsibilities of a prophet. His father, Hilkiah, was a priest. Jeremiah inherited the traditions of an illustrious ancestory. His early life was no doubt molded by strong religious influences. God had something more for Jeremiah than to spend his life as a priest serving at the altars. God appointed this young man to be a prophet of the Lord in the most trying hour in the history of the chosen people. God often chooses unlikely instruments to do His work. He chose this sensitive, shrinking Jeremiah for what seemed to be a hopeless mission. Jeremiah 1:7and8. A prophet is one who tells forth what God says. He not only tells future events, but he interprets current events and normally builds future prophecies on the realities of today.

BACKGROUND: Jeremiah lived during the reigns of 7 kings of Judah. Jeremiah is dated the late 7th century BC. The compilation of the book, however, was made subsequent to the destruction of Jerusalem in the death of the prophet. There are conflicting traditions concerning his death. Turtillian says that the Jews in Egypt stoned him to death. According to the Jews, he escaped at Babylon and died there. Because Jeremiah lived in such difficult times, he is often called the "weeping prophet." Tears, however, are not a sign of weakness. In reality, he was one of the strongest and bravest of men who knew how to stand for the truth without compromising.

THE STRUCTURE OF THE BOOK: The Book- of Jeremiah is a long one with 52 chapters and is made up of biography, history, and prophecy. It is difficult to understand since the events and chapters do not ...

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