by Stan Coffey

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The Book of Psalms (28 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Stan Coffey
November 11, 1990

INTRODUCTION: No doubt Psalms is the best loved book in the Old Testament. Someone has called it the "Solid Gold of Christian Experience." Open the Psalms at random and you will find a treasure. Every Psalm is a direct expression of the soul's consciousness of God. The Hebrew title of this book is "Praise" or "Book of Praises", which indicates that the main contents of the book are praise, prayer, and worship. The Psalms is the national hymn book of Israel. The Psalms magnify and praise the Lord, exalt His attributes, His names, His Word and His goodness and it contains 150 poems to be set to music for worship. The Psalms picture the life of the believer and all of his experiences of joy, sorrow, victory, and failure. The Psalms are full of Christ. We have Christ on warrant for looking for Him in the Psalms. (Luke 24:44)

1. His Prophetic Office. Psalm 22:22
2. His Priestly Office. Psalm 40:6and8, 22, 49, 110
3. His Kingly office. Psalm 2, 21, 45, 72
4. His Sufferings. Psalm 22, 69
5. His Resurrection. Psalm 16

AUTHORSHIP: No other book of the Bible has as many authors as does Psalms. Seventy-three Psalms are attributed to David in the superscriptions. Other authors listed in the super-scriptions include: Moses,(Psalm 90); Solomon, (Psalm 72 and 127); Heman, the Esrahite, (Ps.88) Ethan, the Ezrahite,(Ps. 89); Asaph, (Ps. 50, 73, 83); and the Sons of Korah, (Ps. 42,44-49, 84-85,87-88).

DATE: Though most of the Psalms were written and collected during the Davidic era, the final compilation of Psalms was probably not complete until the latter half of the fifth century BC, during the time of Ezra and Nehemiah. (450-425BC).

STRUCTURE: Many subjects are covered in the Psalms. These are the major subjects:
1. Instruction or didactic - Psalms 1, 5, 7, 15, 50, 73, 94, 101
2. Prophecy (in reference to Israel) - Psalms 78, 105, 106, 136,
3. Praise - Psalms 106, 111, 11 ...

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