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Golden Years (17 of 54)
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AUTHORSHIP: As in the case of I Samuel, the author of II Samuel is not named. Tradition assigns the authorship to Samuel.

DATE: The Book of II Samuel begins with the active rule of David over Judah and concludes with the strained latter days of David's reign over the United Kingdom. This prophetic history covers a period of 40 years - 1011 - 971BC.

THEME: II Samuel is concerned solely with the character of David, who reigns first as King over Judah (Ch. 1-4) and then King over the United Kingdoms of Judah and Israel (Ch. 5-24). Following the uniting of Kingdoms during the reign of David, the political and religious capitol is established at Jerusalem. The remaining material discloses the domestic and political ills of David's reign.

PROPHETICAL ITPORTANCE: Major notice should be accorded to the provisions of the Davidic Covenant, which Cod announces in II Samuel 7:4-17. The terms of that covenant were unconditional and the force of the covenant continues unabated until this time.

INTRODUCTION: As the book opens, we find David returning to Ziklag after his great victory over the Arnalekites. He came back wearv in body, but refreshed in spirit because of his great success.


A. David learns of Saul's death
B. David laments over Saul and Jonathan - Vs. 17-27
C. David is made King over Judah - Ch. 2:1-7
D. David fights against Abdner, the captain of Saul's army.
E. Civil war continues

1. Six sons are born to David at Hebron
2. Abner's desertion to David
3. Joab kills Abner

F. Ish-bosheth, Saul's heir is murdered by his brothers - Ch. 4:1-8


A. David's coronation

1. David enters upon his complete inheritance
2. He is anointed king of all Israel
3. He reigned 40 years in all

B. David's convictions

1. D avid brings the ark - Ch. 6:l-5
2. The sin of Uzah - Ch. 5:6- ...

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