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I Samuel: The Beginning Of Royal History (16 of 54)
Series: Through the Bible Survey
Stan Coffey
1 Sam. 25:1

BACKGROUND: The two books of Samuel were originally one volume in the Hebrew text. Upon its translation into the Greek, (the Septuagint). Samuel was joined with the book of Kings and the total work was called the Books of the Kingdoms. In order to keep the work from becoming voluminous, it was divided at that time into four divisions now found in the English text. The first two divisions bear the name of the prominent character Samuel, prophet, priest and the anointer of Kings.

AUTHORSHIP: The authorship of the Book of I Samuel is anonymous. Jewish tradition attributes authorship to the prophet Samuel and that the prophets Gad and Nathan supplied supplementary information concerning the years following Samuel's death. (I Sam. 25:1). Nevertheless, there is no reference to an author in the book.

DATE: The Book of I Samuel deals with a period of time between the birth of Samuel and the closing days of Saul's reign. The birth of Samuel is dated 1100 B.C. and David ascended the throne of Judah in 1011 B.C. The book covers nearly a century of Hebrew history.

THEME: The Book of Samuel describes the growing desire for a king. The differing opinions that accompany that desire and the roles that various individuals had in the beginning and continuing days of Hebrew kingship. The book clearly reveals that the success or failure of the anointed king is determined by his obedience or disobedience to the law and his commitment to the will of God.

ANALYSIS OF I SAMUEL : I Samuel is the story of 4 men. Eli, Samuel, Saul, and David. Their stories are interwoven so that the story of Eli overlaps that of Samuel. The story of Samuel overlaps that of Saul and the story of Saul overlaps that of David. Eli was a priest, Samuel a prophet, Saul and David were kings. The failures of these four men only make all the brighter the luster of the man whom they foreshadow ...

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