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The Book of Ruth (15 of 54)
Series: Through the Bible Survey
Stan Coffey

AUTHORSHIP: The authorship of Ruth is not identified by the text. Many name Samuel as author. Others suggest Hezekiah, Ezra, or even David as having penned the book.

DATE: Ruth 1:1 places the historical setting of the book during the period of the Judges 1373 - 1047BC. The genealogy in Ruth 4:18-22 suggests the latter part of that era. David is mentioned by name in Ruth 4:22, so the Book could hardly have been completed earlier than the time of David. If the book had been written as late as the time of Solomon, it seems likely that this notable figure would have been included in the genealogy. Therefore, the authorship of Ruth is dated during the reign of David 1011 - 971BC.

THEME: The theme of Ruth is the romance of redemption. The setting of the book is during the period of the Judges. It shows that despite the prevailing apostasy of the nation, there were individuals living godly lives seeking to rule their lives by the law of Moses and free from the corruption around them. The character integrity and piety of Boaz are outstanding. His familiarity with the Mosaic Law and his personal knowledge of Jehovah are in marked contrast with the ignorance, immorality, indifference, and idolatry of the times. God never leaves Himself without a witness. Moreover, the Book of Ruth portrays a woman who epitomizes godly womanhood and spiritual sensitivity. The three rain themes in the book are:
1. The exciting story of the romantic love between Ruth and Boaz - Gentile and Jew, united in the ancestry of the Messiah.
2. The matchless account of devoted friendship between Ruth and Naomi - two women unalike in every way except in their love for one another. .
3. An unfolding of the magnificent life changing drama of redemption between God and man in which God redeems helpless and sinful man. The helplessness and sinfulness of man are covered by God as redeemer just as Ruth, a widowed Gentile, is ...

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