by Stan Coffey

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Joshua: The Victorious Christian Life (11 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Pastor Stan Coffey
June 24, 1990

INTRODUCTION: Last week we learned that while there are at least 3 stages in the Christian life, there is first of all: The Coming out of Egypt Stage, represented when God brought the people out of Egyptian bondage. There is the Wilderness Wandering stage, represented by the people wandering for 40 years in the wilderness. Then there is the Canaan Land Stage, which means that a believer has entered in to the spirit-filled life and is in the process of claiming the promises of God for his life.

The them of Joshua is victory and Joshua shows us how to claim our possessions. Now in the second part of Joshua, we will see how a believer after having determined that he will enter into the victorious life must claim step by step all of the promises that God has for him.

I. THE TRIUMPH OF FAITH - Jericho - Chapter 6
A. The Captain of our Faith - Chapter 5
1. Joshua sees the Captain - Vs. 13
2. Joshua surrenders to the Captain - Vs. 14-15
B. The Compliance of Faith - Chapter 6:1-15
God gave to Joshua some very strange instructions. They were to march around the walls of the City of Jericho one time each day for 6 days. And on the 7th day, they were to march around the city 7 times. Why would God give such strange instructions rather than giving Joshua a military strategy?
1. To test their obedience.
Many times God's instructions go against human logic and human wisdom. More important than understanding the Word of God is obeying the Word of God.
2. To test their observation.
Everytime they went around that wall, they could observe those great walls that had never been penetrated by an enemy.
C. The Compliance of Faith - Vs. 13
Here we are told that they went on continually. It is not enough to make one decision and obey God in one instance, but we must continue to obey God.
D. The Confession of our Faith - Vs. 15-16
Joshua could say to the peop ...

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