by Stan Coffey

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Numbers: The Book Of Pilgrimage (8 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Pastor Stan Coffey

INTRODUCTION: Last week we saw that the title of the Book of Numbers is based upon two separate numberings of the people of Israel, which appear in Chapters 1 and 26. The Book of Numbers traces the pilgrimage of the children of Israel during the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness which followed the exodus from Egypt. The wilderness wanderings began when the Hebrews depart from Sinai about 1445BC and the book closes as they come to the end of the Promised Land in about 1405BC. The Book of Numbers, however, is more than a diary of wilderness episodes. While Leviticus deals with the believers worship, Numbers deals with the believers walk. The failure of Israel to immediately possess the Promised Land is a picture of believers today through disobedience failing to appropriate and claim all the promises of God for their lives. Though they are saved (out of Egypt), they are not enjoying salvation in all its fullness, (Canaan Land). God has placed the Book of Numbers in the scriptures so that we may not make the same mistake that the people of Israel made in not believing God's promises and receiving God's best.

Last week, we saw Israel in the wilderness - the Old Generation covering Numbers l-l9. Today, we will look at Israel on the way - the New Generation covering Numbers 20-36.

It is important to observe that a gap of 37-1/2 years occurs between Chapters 19 and 20. The second section begins by recalling the past.
A. The death of Miriam, the sister of Noses - Numbers 20:1 and 2
B. The disobedience of Moses in smiting the rock twice when God told him to speak to the rock - Vs. 1-13

II. REDEEMING THE PRESENT - Numbers 21-27:11
Now Israel is ready to move on again. They started from Kades-Barnea. This time with faces set resolutely toward the land of promise. The way was difficult, much harder than before, but faith had been rene ...

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