by Stan Coffey

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Leviticus: Provisions For Holy Living (6 of 54)
Through the Bible Survey
Pastor Stan Coffey
May 20, 1990

AUTHORSHIP: The Biblical evidence supports the traditional position that Moses is the responsible author of Leviticus.

DATE: A comparison of Exodus 40:17 with Numbers 1:1 indicates that the legislation found in Leviticus was given in its entirety during the first month of the second year after the Exodus from Egypt (1445BC).

THEME: The theme of the Book of Leviticus is actually two-fold: Atonement and Holiness.
(1) Atonement - The basic idea inherent in these words is "to cover, to make a covering."
(2) Holiness - "Ye shall be holy for I am holy" is also a recurring theme in Leviticus (Lev. 11:44; 19:2; 20:7). The various words translated "holy" occur over a 100 times. W'hen applied to God, the word "holy" denotes His uniqueness and separateness from everything earthly; when applied to man, the word "holy' denotes a life of purity and obedience to God. Thus, atonement and holiness blend together - those who are redeemed by the blood of Christ are to live a separated and holy life. (I Peter 1:15-19)

PURPOSE OF THE BOOK: In Exodus, we see how God gets His people out of Egypt. In
Leviticus, we see how God gets Egypt out of His people. Exodus shows the way out of the land of bondage, while Leviticus shows us the way into the sanctuary of God. Exodus is the book of deliverance and Leviticus is the book of dedication.

STRUCTURE OF THE BOOK: "Get right," say the offerings (Chapter 1-17). "Stay right," says the feasts (Chapters 18-27).

I. THE WAY TO GOD - Leviticus 1-10
A. The Sacrifices of the People - Leviticus 1-7
There can be no fellowship with God until sin has been dealt with and sacrifice has been made. There are five offerings described in Leviticus.
1. The Burnt Offering - "Surrender - Daily surrender to Christ." (Lev. 1:3) This offering was a bullock without blemish (1:3-9) or male sheep or goat without blemish (1: 10-13) or turtle d ...

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