by Stan Coffey

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The 7000 Years Of Human History (26 Of 26)
Issues of the 90's
Dr. Stan Coffey
Psalm 90:4. 1 Peter 3:3-9

The question of today's lesson is "Will the History of the Human Race End By The Year 2000?" If that is true then 1993 would begin the seven years of tribulation, and the Rapture would occur just before the tribulation -begins. Many signs in the Bible point to the year 2000 as a significant prophetic- fulfillment. We know that an unprecedented event is taking place now in the Middle East as Arabs and Israel, including Palestine, talk about a Mid-East peace. We also know that the Bible says tribulation will begin with the one world leader, the antichrist, signing a seven year peace treaty with the Jews. Unprecedented pressures are, upon-the- leaders of Israel to bring- about such- a peace treaty at the present time. Not the least of these being the United-- States' refusal to make long guarantee to Israel unless they cooperate with the peace process.

In this lesson we will exam the Bible's 7000 year projection of human history and how it relates to the 90's.

I. THE DAY OF THE LORD (II Peter 3:3-9)
A. The Millennium
I. II Peter 3 corresponds with Revelation 20 where the Millennium is described.
2. II Peter 3 depicts the "Day of the Lord". .
3. This great day will be ushered in by the second coming of Jesus Christ.
B. 1000 years equals one day
1. Peter challenges Christians not -to be ignorant of Christ's second coming as our scoffers - verse 3.
2. Paul said "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us for we our not ignorant of his devices" - II Corinthians 2: 11.
C. The Millennial reign of Christ is six times stated to be 1000 years in length in Revelation 20.
1. The prophets referred to the Millennial reign of Christ as "the Day of the Lord" - Zechariah 14:1, 20; Joel 3:18.
2. The Millennium in the Old Testament is described as a "Sabbath keeping" period of rest in Hebrews 4:4-6.
3. Even though Israel kept many regular seven ...

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