by Stan Coffey

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The Bible, The Feminists, And Sexual Harassment (19 Of 26)
Issues of the 90's
Dr. Stan Coffey

Stories now abound in the capers and on television about sexual harassment. There can be no doubt that with society's emphasis on sex that true sexual harassment of women in the work place (and in some cases of men) is a reality in the 90's. This problem is not unique, but can be traced back to Biblical times. (The Bible records the case of Joseph, a man who was sexually harassed by his boss's wife, and refused her advances. As a result he not only lost his job, but was falsely accused of rape and placed in prison.)

A. The Reason For the Feminist Movement
1. The failure of men to fulfill the Biblical role of manhood
2. Satan's declared war upon women
3. The self-serving goals and warped views of feminist leaders
a. Feminists are determined to destroy the traditional family
b. Political motivation of pro-abortionists and feminists to gain power to promote their causes.
c. Feminists proclaim their desire to be independent, but often turn to government programs to provide the economic security which husbands once provided
d. Feminists goals involve resistance against traditional roles of men
B. The Results of the Feminist Movement
1. Negative Influences Once Common to Men Now Extend to Women
a. Alcoholism--Federal health officials estimate that 1 of 3 Americans with a drinking problem is a woman compared with 1 of 6 in 1980.
b. Cigarette use by males has dropped while female consumption increased
c. Lung cancer has overtaken breast cancer in the mid 80's as the leading killer of females
d. Heart disease--Since 1968 deaths from heart disease have declined faster for men than women (due to job stress and smoking)
e. Suicide--Gap is narrowing between men and women
f. Longevity--Avera ...

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