by Stan Coffey

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Near-death Experiences And The Bible (11 Of 26)
Series: Issues of he 90's
Dr. Stan Coffey
II Corinthians 12: 1-7

INTRODUCTION: Does death represent the end of your life or the beginning of another? Does anyone know what happens after death? Has anyone been there? What does it feel like to die? Is it possible to communicate with dead loved ones? Does the Bible teach that we will know our loved ones in the life beyond? Do we get a second chance to accept Christ after death?

Interest in these and other questions regarding life after death has grown as more and more people survive the death experience through modern restorative techniques called resuscitation, which involves breathing for the patient and maintaining his heart beat until he can recover his own functions. Some of these patients give us rather startling descriptions of an immediate "life beyond" after those pleasurable experiences the victim often loses his fear of death. Do these experiences prove the existence of an after life? What, if anything, does the Bible say about this?

A. Biblical examples of those who died and returned to this life
1. Elijah revived a child whose breath had left his body - I Kings 17:17-21
2. Elisha resuscitated a young boy who had been proclaimed dead
3. Jesus resurrected 3 persons:
a. Jairus' daughter - Mark 5:21-24
b. The widow's son - Luke 7:11-15
c. Lazarus - John 11
4. Paul refers to a near death experience in which he was caught up to the "third heaven."
B. Examples of present-day near- death experiences
1. Characteristics of pleasant experiences
a. Loss of consciousness, yet is able to hear himself pronounced dead by his doctor
b. Discovers he's out of his own body, but still in the same room, looking on as a bystander and observing the procedures
c. May look down on the scene from a floating position near ceiling
d. Has a new body which seems real and endowed with superior senses
e. Finds himself ...

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