by Stan Coffey

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Christian Living In An X-rated Society (6 of 26)
Series: Issues of the 90's
Stan Coffey
Hebrews 11:24

INTRODUCTION: Years ago some soldiers at Ft. Dix were fighting in a forest fire. They were out in the forest with the flames all around them when a plane flew over unexpectedly. The unidentified pilot flew very low over the firefighters and began to drop notes with weights tied to them. Three times he did this. This is what the notes said - ''You are surrounded by flames and you are going to perish unless you take action immediately. There is one narrow corridor left open and that is your only escape, before long it will be cut off.'' The firefighters read the note, obeyed it and their lives were saved.

A message came from above and told them something they could not know in the midst of the smoke, heat and furror. Thankfully the firefighters did not question the authenticity or reliability of the note, they acted on it by faith, they acted on it in time and they were saved.

What a picture of our society today. We are in a fire storm of trouble, we are in an inferno of problems. In the 90's we face a rising tide of violence, the horrible disease of aids, the development of a new world order, the coming of anti-christ and the end of the age. God has given us His message from above and there is a way to escape and to live for him in an X-rated society. God's message for us today is found in the life of Moses. The Bible holds him up as an example of how to live in victory in the midst of a society that is aflame in immorality and void of God's principles - an X-rated society! Today we will look at three principles of Christian victory utilized by Moses.

I. MOSES MADE A FIRM DECISION - Hebrews 11:24-26
(He refused-- vs. 24; He chose - vs. 25; and He esteemed - vs. 26)

A. Moses refused the ways of the world - vs. 24

1. He refused to be called the grandson of Pharaoh (a type of Satan)
2. He turned his back on pleasure, treasure, power, and prestig ...

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