by Stan Coffey

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Ephesians: Foundational Principles of the Church (11 of 32)
Through the Bible Survey
Dr. Stan Coffey
August 4, 1991

INTRODUCTION: This epistle, like twelve other New Testament books begins with the name Paul. That the letter was written by Paul there should be no serious doubt. Its great conception, its tone, the manner of its teachings are all characteristic and unique and all would definitely support Pauline authorship.

RECIPIENTS: Chapter 1, verse 1, "to the saints which are at Ephesus,". The city of Ephesus was a seacoast city and had always been a city of great significance. It was one of Asia's great religious, political and commercial centers. The city covered a vast area and its population was likely more than 1/3 of a million. It was the center of the worship of Diana, the goddess of fertility. The famous Temple of Diana, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, is located in Ephesus. It had taken more than 200 years to build this mighty structure. The Temple of Diana and Paul's visits to Ephesus are mentioned in Acts 19. The founding of the church of Ephesus is uncertain. Some believe that it may have been founded by someone who was saved on the day of Pentecost who carried the gospel back to Ephesus, others believe Paul founded the church on his second missionary journey as he returned from Europe. Some believe that the church could have been established by Appolos, a converted Jew of Alexandria (Acts 18:24-26), but we do know that Paul's three year stay in Ephesus (recorded in Acts 19) made deep and abiding impressions on the church. It was to this church that Paul addressed the book.

SUMMARIZING THE BOOK: Someone has suggested that the contents of the epistle can be summarized by three words, sitting, walking, and standing. The Christian is sitting with Christ in the heavenlies, chapter 2, verse 6. The Christian is to be walking worthy of the calling wherewith he has been called, chapter 4, verse 1. The Christian is engaged in a warfa ...

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