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The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit (8 Of 8)
Series: What Every Christian Should Know About the Holy Spirit
Dr. Stan Coffey

INTRODUCTION: One of the most controversial subjects in Christianity today is that of the gift of tongues. There are those on the one hand who say that tongues are a legitimate New Testament expression today and on the other hand there are those who say the tongues were only for apostolic times. While there are many great Christians who claim the gift of speaking in tongues there are many others equally as effective who have never spoken in tongues. ie: Dr. Billy Graham The tragedy concerning tongues is that it has been historically the most divisive doctrine in the Bible. One thing is certain, God is not the author of confusion and he does not want His people to be divided over the issue of tongues or any other spiritual gift. We will seek to look at the subject of tongues today from a totally Biblical perspective.

I. TONGUES ARE A SPIRITUAL GIFT - I Corinthians 12:10, Acts 2
A. The introduction of the gift of tongues - Acts 2:1-13
1. The gift of tongues was the ability to speak in a language one had not previously learned - Acts. 2:1-4
2. The word "other tongues" simply means "other languages". The Greek word "glossa" is translated "languages"
3. The word "tongue" in Acts 2:4 doesn't refer to the physical organ in the mouth but to known languages - Acts 2:5-11
4. The words "tongue" and "language" are interspersed in verse 6 and verse 8
5. In I Corinthians 12:13 and 14 the same word glossa is used to describe speaking in tongues
6. The word "unknown" tongue is not used in scripture. It is italicized in most translations meaning that it is not in the original text
B. The gift of interpretation of tongues - I Corinthians 12:10ff
1. The word "interpret or interpretation" means "to translate from one language to another"
2. Just as God gives some the ability to speak a language they have never learned he also gives others the gift to i ...

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