by Stan Coffey

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Failure Is Never Final (10 Of 12)
Series: Victory in the Wilderness
Dr. Stan Coffey
Exodus 25:10
August 28,1988

INTRODUCTION: We have examined the furniture in the outer court and the furniture in the inner court. We have also looked at the meaning of the veil that separated the inner court from the innermost court or the holy of holies. Now we are ready to enter that holy of holies and examine the ark of the covenant which was placed there according to the direction of God. This ark was, by definition, a chest for safekeeping. Because the ark had certain things that were placed in it it pictures Christ our security. We have a great salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ because he is our ark of safety.

A. The ark was made of wood which speaks of humanity - Psalm 1:1, Isaiah 53:2
B. The ark was overlayed with gold which speaks of deity - vs. 11
C. The ark had a golden crown which speaks of Christs' sovereignty - vs. 11
D. The ark had four rings in its four corners which speaks of universality - four is the earth number
E. The ark had staves or long rods with which the ark was carried, which speaks of the availability of Christ

II. THE CONTENTS OF THE ARK - Exodus 25:16, Hebrews 9:4
A. The golden pot of manna says I am secure in Christ for He is my resource
1. Manna was small speaking of the humility of Christ
2. Manna was round speaking of the perfection of Christ
3. Manna was white speaking of the purity of Christ
4. Manna had the taste of coriander ...

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