by Stan Coffey

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You Are Not Alone (2 Of 12)
Series: Victory in the Wilderness
Dr. Stan Coffey
Exodus 26
July 3, 1988

INTRODUCTION: Last week we saw that the Tabernacle portrays three primary truths. First of all it is a description of diety describing and prophesying the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly it is a blueprint of the believer. Since the Tabernacle is a house of three rooms it corresponds to our body. There is an outer court, corresponding to our body, an inner court corresponding to our soul and an innermost court corresponding to our spirit. Thirdly the Tabernacle is a symbol of salvation. The furnishings in the Tabernacle describes the person and work in Jesus Christ for our salvation. Today we will look at the Tabernacle in detail focusing upon the major structure.

I. THE FOUNDATION OF THE TABERNACLE - Exodus 26:19, Exodus 38:25-27
A. The strength of the silver
1. There was more than five tons of silver that made the foundation of the tent. 100 blocks of solid silver each weighing 100 pounds
2. This silver foundation was not for structural purposes but for spiritual purposes
B. The source of the silver - Exodus 30:11-15
1. The silver came from a tax that was levied
2. Sudden death was upon those who refused to pay this tax
C. The symbolism of the silver - Exodus 30:15, 1 Peter 1:18-19
1. It symbolizes the atoning blood of Jesus Christ
2. It symbolizes pur redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ
D. The significance of the silver
1. Without the silver foundation the Tabernacle would have rested on the desert floor - the sand. Jesus said "a man who builds upon the sand is foolish."
2. The Tabernacle was built on the solid rock of silver - representing the blood of Jesus Christ
3. The Tabernacle was built upon silver and silver was atonement money - ransom money speaking of the silver of the precious blood of Christ


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