by Stan Coffey

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How To Pray For Friends, Relatives And Loved Ones (3 Of 4)
Series: How to Get Your Prayers Answered
Dr. Stan Coffey
Luke 11:5-10
August 31, 1986

INTRODUCTION: All of us from time to time are asked to pray for others, whether it be a member of our family who is lost and needs the Lord Jesus as Savior or whether it be a friend or loved one who is ill. The matter of intercessory prayer is very important to most Christians. Intercession is the highest level of prayer. Intercessory prayer is the secret weapon of the church. It is God's intercontinental ballistic missile. The devil has absolutely no defense against it. Many people will not come to church and hear God's Word but we can drop a prayer missile right on their door step. Intercessory prayer is a powerful weapon that can be fired from any place at any time and is always right on target. While all of us may not have the ministry of intercession, we're all called to be intercessors from time to time.

I. Intercessory Prayer is Daring Prayer - Verse 5
In those days they didn't have motels or convenience stores therefore it was the custom to help any friend who came to you with a need.
A. Intercessory prayer is daring in its size - verse 5 "lend me three loaves."
1. One loaf of bread required a days wage. This request is for three loaves, therefore it is daring in its size.
B. Intercessory prayer is daring in its steadfastness - verse 8 "Because of his importunity he will rise and give him as many as he needs." In spite of the lateness of the hour and the inconvenience which was caused, the man continued to knock until he received what he wanted.
1. Ask-Seek-Knock - verse 9
Jesus taught that we were to ask an ...

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