by Stan Coffey

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A Precedent For Powerful Prayer (2 Of 4)
Series: How to Get Your Prayers Answered
Dr. Stan Coffey
Acts 12:1-16
August 24, 1986

INTRODUCTION: In this series on how to get answers to your prayers we have learned that Jesus gave a model prayer, as our pattern for praying. Today we will look at an example of how the early church took up this model of prayer and used it in a difficult situation. This is a precedent for powerful prayer that is repeated many times in scripture.

I. The Ministry of This Prayer
A. Trials, tribulations and problems are allowed by God to bring us to our knees before him.
B. Many believers are entrapped in their own personal prison and can only be delivered by prayer.
1. The prison of depression
2. The prison of circumstances
3. The prison of doubt
4. The prison of fear
5. The prison of indecision

II. The Manner of This Prayer - Verse 5
A. The fervency of this prayer - verse 5 "without ceasing" may be translated intensely.
1. Sometimes prayers are not answered because of their lack of intensity. Jeremiah 29:13
2. The attitude of the heart is more important than the posture of the body. Romans 15:30, James 5:16
B. The fellowship of this prayer
The prayer was made without ceasing "of the church."
1. This was a fellowship of prayer.
2. Jesus taught that there is power in agreement in prayer.
C. The faith of this prayer
Pra ...

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