by Stan Coffey

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Can a Broken Marriage Be Restored? (3 Of 18)
Series: Direct Answers to Difficult Questions
Dr. Stan Coffey
February 7, 1988

INTRODUCTION: The breaking of a marriage or the loss of a marriage is one of the greatest tragedies of life. It is more tragic in its consequences than an accident, loss of health, loss of position, loss of income. The family's the basic building stone of society and yet today the family's under attack as never before. Almost one fourth of all children now live in a single parent home. Many young people have given up on the idea of marriage altogether. In 1970 there were 650,000Americans living outside of marriage. Today, there are almost 2,000,000 Americans living outside of marriage and yet there is no substitute for Christian marriage anymore than there is a substitute for a savior. God has one plan for perpetuating the human race and for mans greatest fulfillment and happiness and that is in the context of Christian marriage. Christian marriage has not failed only selfish, self-centered people who have corrupted God's great plan have failed to live up to the standards of God.

But what about a broken marriage. Can a broken marriage be restored. The answer is unequivocally yes! Through the power and the grace of God a broken marriage should be restored. While there are scriptural grounds for divorce and remarriage as outlined in week before lasts lesson, these serious steps should be taken only when every effort has been made to restore the marriage. God has given an entire book of the Bible to illustrate how a broken marriage can be restored. The prophet Hosea married a woman who was unfaithful to him and yet Hosea brought her back, redeemed her and restored her and God used what Hosea did for his unfaithful wife as an illustration of the love and power of God.

A. The purpose for the marriage - Hosea 1:2
1. Hosea married in God's permissive will
2. Gomer was not a harlot at the t ...

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