by Jerry Watts

Being a Godly Mom in an Ungodly World
Jerry Watts
Titus 2:3-5

We live in an ungodly culture. This week I began re-reading Jeremiah and like I always am, I was struck by the parallels between the actions of Israel and the present day USA. The prophet voices the question from God when he says, ''What fault did your Fathers find in me that they abandoned me - searching for worthlessness so they became worthless!'' It goes on to ask this question, ''Has a nation changed its God?''

Any honest observation and or assessment of this nation will reveal the decay, disintegration and devolvement of this culture. We see wild immorality. A 10-year-old girl told her mom that her one driving question in life was, ''When can I have sex?'' The problem for us today is that God's answer to this question seems to be markedly different from the answers which are given today. Today we hear of parents saying, ''When you love someone baby'' or 'You'll just KNOW when it's right.' Our young people (and not so young people) are imploding because they give of themselves sexually to the extent that when they do decide to marry, they have little left to offer. The results are devastating as we live in rampant immorality.

For any culture there exist the three levels of morality. These are defined as moral, immoral, and amoral. In the moral culture there exists an agreed upon set of moral standards which governs behavior and people actually abide by. The immoral culture is the same type of culture (where everyone KNOWS the standard) but while everyone knows the moral standard - those standards are basically ignored. The amoral culture is the one found in the last verse of Judges where, 'everyone does what is right in their own minds.'

In other words, it is ''Katie-bar-the-door-no restraint-nothing right-nothing wrong.'' It is 'live and let live.' It is you want to cohabitate, that's okay because it's no one else's business; same sex marriage is nobody's business. Brothers and Si ...

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