by Jerry Watts

For God So Loved the World
Jerry Watts
John 3:16

(Read Verse corporately) There is an old saying that goes like this; ''Familiarity breeds contempt.'' I am not sure that 'contempt' is the right word, but certainly, when something become familiar - we become accustomed to it, indifferent toward it, and unaffected by it.

Many people do not know that Jesus spoke these words and fewer people than this know to whom these words were spoken. Candidly, we hear it, read it, quote it, and know it - but somehow it has lost it punch in our lives.

Some of us know and remember that Jesus gave these words in response to the questioning by Nicodemus, who was a ruler of the Jews. We could take the first 20 verses of John 3 and preach for weeks on this encounter. For the same of time and simplicity, let's take this one verse of scripture (25 words in the KJV, 29 in HCSB, 24 in the ESV) and closely examine it.

For God - What a place to begin! God! Perhaps we should simply stop and spend about 5 minutes in quietness - meditating on and communing with God. If we spent a little more time getting to know Him, we might find ourselves in true awe and wonder who He is, of His majesty, His power, and His glory. With simply a word - all creation was formed, with His hand - He formed mankind, with but a snap of His fingers - He sent the flood and with only a thought the water was gone and new life began. Because of the sin of man, He sent fire on Sodom and because of righteousness He protected the 3 Hebrew boys in the midst of the fire. For God - words cannot describe Him, minds cannot conceive Him, man cannot contain Him, and evil cannot defeat - He is God. He's not the man upstairs or a good-buddy.

Stuart Hamblin said it this way, ''How big is God? How big and wide His vast domain! To try to tell, these lips can only start. He's big enough to rule this mighty universe and small enough to live within my heart.'' It is this God who has looked down on puny man (let's stop ...

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