by Jerry Watts

Come to the Well
Jerry Watts
John 4:1-14

(Begin with A YouTube of Casting Crowns ''The Well'')

Leave it all behind and come to the Well. What a picture of a life being remade, recreated, and transformed! What a picture of a life given to Jesus! The best part is, this comes from scripture.

One of the truth we must come to grips with is the depravity of the human condition and the need of the human soul. Candidly, because of our 'blessed status' in the US of A, we have developed an innate difficulty in understanding the depth of our need. Why? It kind of like during the time of the Great Depression there were many great songs written about Heaven and even spiritual warfare because the people who lived during those days desired a better place, a better life, and a better existence (and they worked HARD and prayed HARD because they were desperate). Today when people have, what they believe, to be a great life - understanding the depravity before God and the need of their soul is tough to communicate. But this truth is vital for our life.

The Bible records Jesus' words in several places where He speaks to this very attitude and need when He clearly says, ''If anyone would come after (or with) me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.'' That pretty much tells us the story that if you are to follow Jesus, walk with Jesus, and go with Jesus (all the way to paradise), then you have to leave some things behind. Sad to say that, many times, we don't truly know what we need until we need it. In other words, we don't know what we're missing until we're missing it. Or better said, you never miss the water, until the well runs dry. Having lived through several major hurricanes, I can easily evoke my memory of longing for a drink of water or to have our washing machine, dishwasher, and/or toilets working properly. We tend to take for granted what works well and dismiss the deep need we have.

John 4 offers us a story which, highlights much of wha ...

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