by Jerry Watts

Leave It All Behind
Jerry Watts
John 4:28-30

Jesus Christ changes lives. He comes to us where we are and offers us the life we were designed to have. In the beginning God created us to have fellowship with Him, to walk with Him in the cool of the day, and to live eternally in His presence. Doesn't that sound good?

But through disobedience, sin has taken us captive. We tend to see our lives through the lens of this world and sadly, through the pull of this world. And the pull of this world is in the wrong direction. Because of the depravity of mankind, the tide of humanity rushes toward the broad way, the wide gate, and the way to destruction. This is not new, it began in the Garden of Eden and continues to permeate us today. Candidly, our problem is that we have become so accustomed to the way of this world, that we have found ourselves more comfortable in this environment than in the presence of God.

In our last message we highlighted the encounter between Jesus and the woman which we know as the 'woman at the well.' She came to the well undone, unworthy, and very much unsuspecting that anything would happen to change her existence. Yet Jesus came to her, he came to confront or challenge her, and he came to change her. Now we are back to the place we began, Jesus changes lives. He did this for her, He's done this for me, He's done this for many in this room, and He wants to do this for you. However, He only 'offers' this change. What we do with His words, is up to us.

In John 4:16, when Jesus begins to point out the truth of her life, she immediately changes the subject. Isn't she just like us? When the Holy Spirit zeros in on one of our sins, we don't want to talk about or deal with that - so we attempt to change the subject. That's our defense kicking in. She wanted to talk about worship, generically, and He gave her a lesson. This ended with ''I am He.''

Notice that in verse 26 when Jesus identifies Himself, that her response is silence. Perha ...

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