by Ernest Easley

What Happened in the Tomb?
Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 28:1-8

Now take God's word and turn with me to Matthew 28 where we find Matthew's account of what happened that first Easter Sunday. We're going to begin reading in verse 1 but let me jump the gun and take you to straight to verse 6 where we find 8 words declared by an angel that has forever changed the world. Here they are:

''He is not here; for He is risen!''

There is no greater truth than the resurrection truth of our savior: the Lord Jesus Christ!

''He is not here, for He is risen!''

There is no truth loved more by the people of God than the resurrection of Jesus for without the resurrection we have no hope, no heaven, no healing!

There is no truth hated more by the Devil and his crowd anymore than the resurrection of Jesus! He hates it because the resurrection of Jesus guarantees his defeat and our deliverance! That's why he's been deceiving people about it since that first Easter Sunday morning.

That's why it shouldn't really surprise us that as Christians around the world today are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, the 41st American Atheists National Convention which began Thursday, concludes today on Easter Sunday in Memphis, Tennessee. What we're making much of today, they are mocking!

There was a teacher explaining to her class of young children that she was an atheist. They didn't know what an atheist was. So it wasn't that strange when she asked if they were atheists to raise their hand and they all did, except one girl named Lucy.

The teacher asked her why she decided to be different.

She said, ''Because I'm not an atheist.''

The teacher then asked, ''Then what are you?''

She said, ''I'm a Christian.''

Well, that didn't please the teacher very much. So she asked Lucy why she was a Christian.

She said, ''Well, I was brought up knowing and loving Jesus. My Mom is a Christian and my Dad is a Christian so I'm a Christian.''

The teache ...

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