by Jerry Watts

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The Foundation of the Model Church (1 of 10)
Series: The Model Church
Jerry Watts
1 Thessalonians 1:1-3

If you should find the perfect church without one spot or sore
For goodness sake! Don't join that church! For it won't be perfect anymore.
If you should find the perfect church where all anxieties cease.
Then pass it by, lest you join it, and mar the masterpiece.
But since no perfect church exists with perfect women and men,
Let's stop looking for that church And start loving the church that we're in!

We begin a series of messages today that is not entitled, ''The Perfect Church'' because candidly, such a church does not exist. Rather, from God's word we will talk about ''The Model Church'' by studying the Church at Thessalonica. Several people have called her a ''Model Church'' and over the next several months, let us learn what it take to be an example, demonstration, and model.

What do you think of when you hear the word 'model?' Some think of those airbrushed-beauties which grace the cover of magazines. (A word to our young ladies - every lady can look as good as those girls do when you get 'air-brushed to perfection - BUT perfection doesn't exist.)

Another type of model is one we can look at to - that we might desire to be like. In construction, many times the architect will fashion a 'model' to show his client a visual of the end result. In life, most of us have at least one role model. In other words, someone we want to be like.

The reason that I believe we need to take a look at this ''Model Church'' is we need to strive to become like her. A truism of humanity is that the further we get from our model the less like it we become. It's kind of like a 'key.' When you get a new lock it comes with a new key.

That key works perfectly because it is cut especially for this lock in precise detail. You can duplicate this key and those work pretty well until you get to the 13th or 15th generation. All of a sudden that freshly made key doe ...

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