by Jerry Watts

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Seeing God's Hand (5 of 10)
Series: The Model Church
Jerry Watts
1 Thessalonians 2:13-20

When I look at the moon and stars in the sky I can see the hand of the Father.
In the valley so deep and rivers so wide, I can see the hand of the Father.
I can see the hand..... when I look around me I can hear the voice....blowing in the wind
I can feel the mighty touch of the Father's love
Ev'rywhere I go, ev'rywhere I go His presence surrounds me
I can see the hand, I can hear the voice, I can feel the touch of God.

That's a great song. I submit that 'Seeing God's hand' should be the most prevalent inside His Model church. That should be a hallmark, an earmark, or better yet, just a mark of His church.

One of the modern concepts of the days is ''branding.'' For the first time, I hear Pastors and leaders refer to 'branding your church.' What that means is controlling the perception of who you are and what you do. I realize that I have arrived at the stage of an 'old-foggie', but I am not convinced that God is pleased with 'every church having their own brand' as much as He would be pleased with all of His churches having HIS BRAND. And HIS brand would be ''HIS HAND'' - working in the midst of His people, performing works that can only be explained by Him.

The church at Thessalonica is a church which could only be explained by God's hand in their midst and I believe He wants the same for us. From our text - observe 4 truths which show His Hand.

God's Wisdom from You - Paul expresses to this body of believers His heart for them, with them, and to them. And he offers them Godly wisdom which will make them (and us) Models for mankind. Wisdom from God is something that we miss sometimes because it seems 'backwards' or simple to us. Watch three things.

Connection - (vs 17a) - Paul is reminding the people of their connectedness as he says, we were 'torn away (separated, forced apart, taken away) from you. In the original language this word is a com ...

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