by Jerry Watts

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The ''Make-Up'' of a Model Church (6 of 10)
Series: The Model Church
Jerry Watts
1 Thessalonians 3:1-13

What makes up a church? Many people today only see the church as the physical structure on the side of the road. You'll hear, ''I go down to Dwaine Avenue to church'' and in that concept, almost all aspect of a Biblical church is lost. The church is a group of people who have made the decision to follow Christ by faith, baptism, and lifestyle, and have joined together to fulfill His commission.

What makes up a good church? Yikes! Does that question imply there are bad churches? Well, is it bad when a group wears the name of something or someone and doesn't live up to that name?

More to the point, what makes up a model church? A model church is one that is so like the original design that people look at it as an example of what a church should be. The church of the living God focuses on God, Glorifies God, Honors God, Worships God, and shares God's good news with a lost world. She stands on God's word and truth - and people who observe her see it, know it, understand it, and recognize it because it's not what they do on Sunday that sets them apart, it's how they live, love, and care on Monday! A Model church can only be such if she is made up of ''Model Brothers, Sisters, and Believers.''

Allow me to offer all of us a warning. When we say, ''If our church (misnomer) would…?'' You ever heard that? You can fill in the blank with a verb of your choice. (Options) When you and I express this sentiment, do you know what we are, in essence, saying? ''If only I would!''

A model church, while not filled us with perfect people, is filled up with people who are doing their best to follow Christ because they have been to the cross of Christ and made the personal decision to trust Christ by faith and follow Him. This Model Brother is what we see in the life of Paul. (3 qualities)

An Unusual Concern - To understand the unusual requires that we have an und ...

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