by Jerry Watts

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A Life That Pleases God (7 of 10)
Series: The Model Church
Jerry Watts
1 Thessalonians 4:1-12

Were I to give you a piece of paper and ask you the name of the one person that you lived to please, who would it be? (Spouse, parents, children, or ____)

This is more than a pertinent question, it is a highly personal question for a couple of reasons; a) Because we all live our lives to please SOMEONE and, b) Many times that one person is us.

For the person who has made the decision to follow Christ, a higher calling exists. As you look at your Bible passage today, you may have a Bible which gives 'sub-titles' to the different passages. For today's scripture you may have something like ''Sanctification and Love'', or ''A Plea for purity'', but in all likelihood it reads ''A Life that Pleases God'' or ''How to live a life that is Pleasing to God'' or even ''Instructions on the way Christians should live.'' The point is this: 'the' someone who has made the decision to follow Christ (stop-salvation's call) - is someone whose life is to please God. It's that simple. You remember the WWJD acrostic which was developed from Shedd's book ''In His Steps'', this is the essence of the life of a follower.

It is this type of life which makes up the ''Model Church'' and it is the life we aspire to live.

In some respects, the Bible is a ''how-to'' book. Too often in modern culture, that is all it is o purported to be. It is more than a how to find the right mate, be great parents, or how to love your wife. The big thought is ''how to know God'', How to miss hell, make heaven, and be saved from eternal punishment. It is how to live a life that honors our Heavenly Father. When we get this question ''RIGHT'' - then many of these lesser 'how to' questions will fall into place.

Paul begins to end His letter ('FINALLY'). Then He offers a ''how-to'' please God. ( READ TEXT)

So how do we please God? What is it that Paul tells us in this passage? Consider 3 thoughts;


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