by Jerry Watts

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Be Encouraged (8 of 10)
Series: The Model Church
Jerry Watts
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

There is an old country song which says, ''Sure could use a little good news today.'' You kind of like that? When you see the paper, watch the news, hear the pundits, and try to make sense of it, we could all use a little good news.

God's word is filled with truth and truth is not always what we would consider GOOD, but listen the best news is what lies ahead for the Child of God. Candidly, it's hard to encourage the person who has made the decision to resist, replace, or reject Christ because not much good awaits them in the future. Oh, they may get financially secure, they may live in a huge house, they may drive the best car, and they may have a gold ring on every finger. One day the gold in that ring will be used for pavement. In fact if you think about it, Jesus said, ''What good is salt if it's lost it properties?'' Then He concludes, ''It's of no value except to be thrown out and trampled on (like a roadway).'' The things of earth's market have little or value as eternal currency.

We tend to get so tied up in things of this earth that our focus on eternity

Two sources of encouragement for us today! Paul says, ''I don't want you to be uninformed.

About Our Lord - The greatest encouragement we can discover today is found in the first part of verse 14 (READ). Did you hear that? Jesus died and rose again. If that didn't happen, then we are of all men, 'most miserable' because we have no hope. If Jesus is still in the tomb, all hope is gone and the future is lost. But ''NOW (as Paul would later write) Christ IS risen from the dead and is the first fruits (He did it first so that we can be like Him) of all those who have fallen asleep.'' Want to be encouraged? Be encourage about Jesus! Look at how this unfolds:

A Declaration - ''The trumpet will sound!'' It will be the declarative statement of ''HERE I COME!'' Many of us have sung and preached for many years ...

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