by Jerry Watts

It Is Finished
Jerry Watts
John 19:30

It was about 9:30 that morning when they crucified Jesus. His crucifixion was a fitting end to hours of abuse and mistreatment. It began around midnight with the kiss of 'friend.' Judas had guided the soldiers to the garden where he knew Jesus would be and where they had arrested Him. Prisoners in those days were not afforded any respect so the guards didn't have to 'protect' the prisoner, in fact, they could literally do with their prisoner like they wanted. The scripture teaches us that, before Jesus was brought before any ruler, He had already been bruised, spat upon, and literally knocked around.

Somewhere around daybreak, the religious and political leaders gathered in rapid fire succession because they had to deal with this problem person quickly!

And deal with Him they did! By the times Jesus was nailed to the cross, His body was hardly recognizable. Many people died at the scourging post as their bodies were so shredded that they became disemboweled.

As Jesus hung on the cross, suspended by nails between heaven and hell and experiencing unbelievable suffering, He spoke at least 7 times. For me, I don't know how He ever said a word. Think about why. His entire body weight was supported by 3 nails and a little sliver of wood (called a sedile) just below His backside. Every part of this was torture. While the sedile might, at first blush, appear to ease the suffering the pointed design increased suffering because the purpose of a crucifixion was nothing but suffering. In fact, they attempted to keep the victims alive so that while birds and animals might eat them which they were conscious.

When Jesus stood on the nail placed in His ankle, He 'might' be able to take a breath if the nerves in His feet would allow it. When He relaxed His legs letting the weight go to the nails in His wrist the nerves in his hands and arms were worse than being shot with needles. The Romans had perfected suffering and Jes ...

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