by Stan Coffey

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Demons Mobilize Army For World's Last Great War (35 Of 52)
Book of Revelation Series
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 16:1-11

Many of the following lessons will deal with the Battle of Armageddon, the way God brings history to conclusion, and the prophecies concerning the last great political entities and the last great battle in the world. More and more we see that our world is unstable. We find that even though Communism in the Soviet Union has collapsed, those republics that formed it continue to suffer a great deal from unstable economies and leadership. We do not know ultimately exactly which direction they will go. In some ways it is even scarier that when the Cold War was going on, because we knew then what to expect and who had control of the weapons. We do not know that today for sure. Then we have the issue with the development of nuclear weapons in North Korea. It is causing a tremendous diplomatic problem for our nation and leaders. It is a very, very serious situation. The world could be brought to confrontation with such a country as North Korea, which is still decidedly Communist and entrenched as a totalitarian state. When the wall in Berlin fell in eastern Europe, many of those countries that were Communist came to more democratic forms of government. There were some who proclaimed the dawn of world peace. But the more it develops, the more we see the potential for what we read in Revelation of a war that will center over the issue of the nation of Israel and culminate in the last great battle on the earth.

In Revelation 15 the scene is in heaven as the angels of God are ready to execute the last seven judgments upon the earth. The wrath of God will be fully and finally completed. Many expressions of God's wrath occur during the tribulation time; many great devastating events have taken place prior to Revelation 16. But now as the last seven bowls of wrath are poured out on the earth, we see the last seven plagues and the seven m ...

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