by Stan Coffey

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The Crowning Of The King (26 Of 52)
Book of Revelation Series
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 11:14-19

I read an article in Newsweek entitled "Does Peace Have a Prayer in Israel?" It is about the conflict between the Jewish settlers and the Palestinians on the West Bank in Israel. Folks, I cannot tell you how significant it is that Israel is in a peace-negotiating mode with their Arab neighbors, and especially that they are considering giving up land. In fact, Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip has already begun. But I want to share something significant in that article with you since this is what we have been talking about. They interviewed many of the Jewish settlers, who are extremely unhappy with their government because they are considering this peace treaty with the Palestinians. One of them stated that regardless of what their government did, "This land belongs to us, and it will belong to us forever because it was given to us by covenant from God." So it is very significant to us that there is a strong Orthodox group in Israel who believe that they are there by divine right and intervention. I believe all of this will be very significant to the end time.

Another current event I wanted to share with you is the new leader in Russia. I have not really learned to pronounce his name correctly yet, Zernovski, something like that. But the man who is in charge of the Parliament and actually has more support than Boris Yeltsin is a militant totalitarian. He favors going back to a dictatorship in the Soviet Union. His political opponents were doing research on him, digging into his past, and they discovered that his father was Jewish. You ask, "What is the significance of that?" He is just a heartbeat away from becoming the new leader of Russia. Although he is a Jew, he persecuted the Jews under the Communist regime. He has a deep hatred for the Jews. He changed his name from Jewish to Russian so he would not be identified as a Jew.

When ...

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