by Jeff Strite

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Peace for the Mind (4 of 4)
Series: RX for the Soul
Jeff Strite
Isaiah 26:1-12

OPEN: Several years ago, I visited the historic site of Appomattox and heard an amazing story.
As I remember it, our guide told of Wilmer McLean who owned a home near Bull Run. His house was seriously damaged during the opening battle of the Civil War, and so, falsely believing he would be safer from future conflicts, he rebuilt his home - only to have it destroyed during the 2nd battle of Bull Run.

Disgusted, he moved to a part of the country where he felt he could escape the ravages of war - a small obscure community called Appomattox. When Lee surrendered to Grant, it was McLean's house that was used by the two Generals to sign the historic terms of surrender. Their aides de camp were so moved by the signing they desired a memento of the occasion - a souvenir to remember what had taken place in this house. So they all walked off with a piece of furniture from McLean's house.

APPLY: No matter where that man ran he could not escape conflict. He could never seem to find peace.

People have sought peace for generations.
They have rallied for it.
They have bargained for it.
They have compromised for it
They have even fought for it.

They presume that if they can ever create an world where there is no trouble, no difficulties, no conflicts - then they can have perfect peace.
But Jesus tells us (even for us who belong to Him) ''in this world you will experience trouble…'' John 16:33
Peter wrote: ''Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.'' 1 Peter 4:12

You are NEVER going to reach a place in this world where there will be no trouble
No difficulties
No conflicts
(pause…) It's never going to happen.

The circumstances of conflict and troubles will (sooner or later) invade your life. And you will not be able to move away from them.

But you can choose how you will deal wi ...

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