by J.D. Greear

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Strong from Start to Finish (1 of 3)
Series: Staying Faith
J.D. Greear
Matthew 14:22-33

We all have the experience of starting things with enthusiasm and then petering out along the way, right? I did a basic Google search on ''things we start well but don't finish'' (and I thought my computer was going to have a heart seizure by how many things the search turned back-142 million articles). Here are a few of them:

- Diets: How many in the midst of a lapsed diet right now?
- Workout plans.
- Med school.
- College.
- Navy Seal training.
- Running a marathon (The highest percentage of people to ?dropout of a marathon is at mile 18-they don't know why it's that mile. I think that's your body saying, ''This is a bad idea''). They say the key in training for a marathon is to run to 13 miles one direction and not take any money or your cell phone with you.
- Reading a book.
- Writing a book.
- Trying to sign up at
- Watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 40% of you-that's the greatest movie series ever. 60%: Could this movie be any longer? How many endings?
- Getting all the way through the mini-series LOST. (Never have I been so captivated by the beginning of a series; or so weary, bewildered, and disappointed by the ending. By that last season I was like, ''Would everyone please die, so this can be over?'').

In the life of faith, we have the experience of starting something but not finishing, too.

- Maybe you have resolved to read the Bible through in a year, or memorize Scripture; to give up a destructive or sinful habit; to be generous-to start tithing or giving sacrificially. I know church planters who volunteered to go overseas but are having trouble now staying with it now, even right now, as you ?listen to this podcast, you've been thinking about quitting.

- Or maybe you're the girl who resolved to stop dating guys who aren't spiritual leaders but you've gotten lonely, wavering in your resolve to wait for the ...

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