by Stan Coffey

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Do Saints In Heaven See Those On Earth? (17 Of 52)
Book of Revelation Series
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 6:9-17

Even though we have been in the book of Revelation for quite awhile, we are just now getting started into the heart of the prophetic section, Revelation 6 through 19. In a way of review, Revelation 6:1-8 dealt with the opening of the four seals of the seven-seal scroll. That scroll was introduced in Revelation 5, and it is the book of the redemption of planet Earth. And planet Earth has been affected by sin principle; therefore, planet Earth must be redeemed. Not only the people, but also the planet itself must be redeemed and restored from the curse of sin. You remember the Lamb of God that you see here (the Lamb that was slain that had the seven horns, indicating His authority and power) took the book from the hand of God, who sat upon the throne. The Lord Jesus Christ was worthy to open the book because of His sacrifice on Calvary, because He was slain and redeemed us to God. He was the only person in God's world found worthy to open the book. As He began to open the book a seal at a time, we have in Revelation 6 a panoramic view of what is going to happen as a whole during the tribulation period. We have a summary of the things that will happen, and we correlated that with what Jesus said in Matthew 24.

We will just take another look at these horses. You remember the rider on the first horse had a bow in his hand but no arrow. The horse that he rode was white, he had a crown upon his head, and he was clothed in white, in fine linen. This represented the tribulation period of seven years that will begin when a great world leader will be introduced. He will come as a man of peace. He is not the Christ, but the crown indicates that he is going to obtain rulership of the world. The way he will conquer the world is through negotiation, through peace. We pointed out all the tremendous advances that are being made today in peace eff ...

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