by Robert Walker

Daniel: Never Give Up
Robert Walker
Daniel 10:11

We should be like the 3-year-old boy that Paul Harvey told about who went to the grocery store with his mother. Before they entered the grocery store she said to him, ''Now you're not going to get any chocolate chip cookies, so don't even ask.''

She put him up in the cart and he sat in the little child's seat while she wheeled down the aisles. He was doing just fine until they came to the cookie section. He saw the chocolate chip cookies and he stood up in the seat and said, ''Mom, can I have some chocolate chip cookies?''

She said, ''I told you not even to ask. You're not going to get any at all.'' So he sat back down. They continued down the aisles, but in their search for certain items they ended up back in the cookie aisle. ''Mom, can I please have some chocolate chip cookies?''

She said, ''I told you that you can't have any. Now sit down and be quiet.''Finally, they were approaching the checkout lane. The little boy sensed that this may be his last chance.

So just before they got to the line, he stood up on the seat of the cart and shouted in his loudest voice, ''In the name of Jesus, may I have some chocolate chip cookies?''

And everybody round about just laughed. Some even applauded. And due to the generosity of the other shoppers, the little boy and his mother left with 23 boxes of chocolate chip cookies.

The little boy just didn't give up.

We ought always to pray and not give up. The Word of God tells us that Daniel was greatly beloved and a man dear to the heart of God. This is an outstanding description concerning this great servant of God's.

Is it not profitable therefore that we should take a look at his character which received such honor while he was still in the battle of his life ?

There was something in the character and conduct of this man Daniel that made it possible for the angel to make such a statement. Let's take a look at the life of this man Daniel, and s ...

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