by Jerry Watts

At the Tomb
Jerry Watts
Luke 24:1-9

It was about 9 or 930 that morning when the crucified Jesus. The crucifixion itself followed up about 7 or 8 hours of betrayal and abuse. The abuse began when they arrested him and continue throughout the morning hours. As a part of the abuse they scourged him which left his body a bloody mess. They placed a crown of thorns on his head. The thorns in that crown were not like our rosebush thorns, those were 3 to 5 inches long and sharp as knives. Not only did they place that crown on his head, but they beat it down with his makeshift scepter until the blood flowed freely from his scalp (the most vascular part of the body).

Tradition screams this was Friday, crucifixion day. On Friday, things looked pretty bleak. On Friday, the blood flowed, life ebbed away, hope seemed gone, evil ran amok, and death was sure. On Friday, so much of what the crowd and the disciples had believed seem to come to an end.

But that wasn't the end of the story! Many will recall this: (video-''it's Friday, but Sunday's coming'')

Open your Bible and let's read about Sunday! The only way that we will ever appreciate fully Sunday is to remember what transpired on Friday. (Read Text)

Can you imagine that day?! Crucifixion day had brought so much hurt and had left so much despair that it is hard to comprehend the emotions at the tomb that day. For the next few moments please attempt to put yourself in the story as one of the 1st to arrive at that tomb that day.

Think about what they found- The text tells us that they found the stone rolled away from the mouth of the tomb. This is not what they expected to find, in fact Mark's gospel tells us that the ladies for asking among themselves, ''Who will roll the stone away for us?'' Isn't this interesting? They found that God had roll the stone away for them just like God removes obstacles for us.

They were afraid they couldn't get in the tomb to Jesus while God opened the door for Jesus to ge ...

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