by Stan Coffey

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Hope For A Weary World (15 Of 52)
Book of Revelation Series
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 5:8-14

Let us pick up the theme of this particular chapter. You will recall that historically this passage reveals what occurs in heaven immediately following the disappearance of the church from the earth. Revelation 4:1 marks the third section of Revelation, which is the prophetic section. And from that point on the church is in heaven or with Christ, but the church is never mentioned again as being on earth. That is an encouragement to us because it tells us that God's plan for us is deliverance. In Revelation 3:10 He said, "I will keep you from that hour of testing that is coming to try all of those who dwell on the earth." And so it is an encouragement to know. We looked in Revelation 4 at what we will do the first five minutes in heaven. We will be rewarded, and then we will be a part of a great time of praise around the throne. Revelation 5:1-7 had to do with a book, a scroll so holy that no man was found in heaven or in earth or under the earth to open it. Now the contents of that scroll mentioned in Revelation 5:1 have to do with the matter of man's dominion on the earth, that God created the earth for His people to have dominion. Adam forfeited his right of dominion, his right of ownership, when he sinned against God. And so the devil, the usurper, the one who is not the rightful owner, came in and began to distort and destroy the creation of God through sin. So that little book tells what must happen on the earth, what must take place for the earth to be redeemed and restored, and for the dominion of mankind to be restored, and for sin and its effects to be completely obliterated.

You say, "What does this little book say?" As you continue to study Revelation, you find the material contained in the little book mentioned in Revelation 5. And it is all about the fact that this book could not be opened by anyone except the Lamb of God, the one who ...

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