by Rex Yancey

Is There Any Hope
Rex Yancey
1 Peter 1:3-5

During W.W. 11 a Nazi war ship torpedoed a U. S. submarine and sunk it. A distress signal was immediately sent out to the sub. When another U. S. vessel got on the scene they spotted debris and oil on the water. They sent divers down to see if there were any survivors.

The divers took their knives and tapped on the hull of the shop. They heard taps from the inside in Morris Code. The taps said, ''Is there any hope?''

I believe that is what the world is asking today. Satan has torpedoed our world and we have sunken to the bottom morally and spiritually. People are wondering if there is any hope for my life, marriage, church, country, and future. There are in the depths of doom.

If Christ lives in your heart, there is hope for you. God has given you a living hope with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There are few passages in the Bible where more of the great fundamental ideas of the Christian faith come together than this passage. Is there any hope? This passage screams out, ''Yes, there is hope.


The Greek word for ''Praise'' in V. 3 is where we get our English word ''Eulogize.'' A eulogy is a speech in which we speak well of someone, extolling his or her virtues. Peter is eulogizing God.

God is the source of our hope.

1 Peter was written before the gospel of John where John recorded Jesus as saying, ''You must be born again.'' This is a word that was used to explain regeneration by Christians.

1. There is strength in this hope.

Hope is only as real as its basis. The basis for our hope is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Christianity rises or falls on this basis. This reality puts Christianity into a realm by itself.

2. The substance of this hope is the inheritance that is awaiting us.

He is speaking of the conversion moment. Do you remember when you had an experience with God? At that moment you became a part of God's ...

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