by Stan Coffey

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Most Of The Church Will Go Through The Tribulation (11 Of 52)
Book of Revelation Series
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 3:14-22

Let's just go to the Lord in prayer as we begin. Father, we thank you for the wonderful gift of your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Father, I pray you'll bless those today who are seeking direction, Father, those who have a hurt that needs to be healed, those, our Father, that feel weak and need your strength, and Lord I pray for those who are anxious and need your peace. We know that Jesus came to be the wonderful Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. In His name we pray, amen.If you will turn to Revelation 3:14. We last looked at the church at Philadelphia - Philadelphia, of course, in Asia Minor in the ancient world. And of course, as we looked at this church, we looked at it from three standpoints. First, we looked at it from the historical standpoint and the fact that it was an actual church that existed during the time of the apostle John. And it is one of these seven churches that is included here. Secondly, we looked at it from a practical standpoint and saw that it was a church that the Lord had much to say to that was good. He did not have words of rebuke, but He had words of commendation. He commended them for several things. It was a church that had an open door set before it. Thirdly, we looked at the church at Philadelphia also prophetically, which pictures the church of the great missionary movements from the middle 1800s even down to the present time. And it pictures, I believe, the church that will be the remnant when Jesus comes again. It will not be the church that represents Christianity as a whole because we are going to look at that particular church now. It will be the church that represents that faithful remnant that is really doing the work of God during that time when Jesus shall come again. And so our goal is to be a Philadelphian church and to have those characte ...

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