by Stan Coffey

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Will Your Church Survive The End-time Crisis? (10 Of 52)
Book of Revelation Series
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 3:7-11

Father, we want to thank you and praise you now for this opportunity to study together. Thank you for this class and for those, Father, who have been so faithful through these years to help build this class. And help us, Father, in our outreach, in our ministry to the city. We thank you for the radio broadcast that this class provides Monday through Friday and for the wonderful response we've received from people whose lives have been blessed as they have heard the teaching of the Word of God. Now guide us and direct us in our study. In Jesus's name we pray, amen.

As you turn to Revelation 3, let me just share with you that I visited with a couple in their home who had visited our church, and they had visited our class. And he is a letter carrier. And he said that as he carries the mail every day, Monday through Friday, he listens on his Walkman to our broadcast that comes on at twelve o'clock every day, and that's the reason they came to our church. And so I want to let you know that God is really blessing that time, and He's blessing that outreach, and we thank the Lord for that. In Revelation 3:7 we have the letter of Jesus to the church at Philadelphia. Now Philadelphia was strategically positioned in the Roman world and was a very cultured city. It was a city of great universities and great learning and great education of that time. And to the church of Philadelphia the Lord Jesus has no word of rebuke. You remember as we have studied these churches, He's had a word of rebuke as well as words of commendation to all the churches. But this particular church is one that He does not rebuke. He encourages them, He challenges them, He exhorts them, but He does not rebuke them. And so they are a model for what the Lord would like the church to be in the last days.

Now prophetically speaking, the church at Philadelphia repr ...

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