by Jeff Schreve

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Special Delivery (3 of 9)
Series: The Unknown God, Discovering the Person and the Power of the Holy Spirit
Jeff Schreve
Acts 2:1-13

The date was June 9, 1987, a very, very special date in my life and Debbie's life and in my daughter Jill's life. That was the day that she was born. That was June 9. It was a Tuesday. We went to the hospital. Debbie had been having labor pains for hours and hours and hours. They started on Monday and they got to the point on Tuesday that we needed to go to the hospital. Now this was baby number one for us. We were married, ah, just about, ah, fifteen months before baby number one came. And, ah, back then, if you were going to have a baby and you were going to get to go in the operating room and in the room where they were delivering the baby, you had to go through Lamaze classes. I don't know if they do that anymore, but they did that back in the day. You had to go through Lamaze. And so Debbie and I went on a series of these classes on Monday night, or something like that. We'd go to Lamaze classes. And they taught us at Lamaze. I was the coach and Debbie was going to be doing all the work, but the coach was there. And they taught us about breathing techniques that was going to help for the pain. And so I was there coaching and then saying, ''Debbie, this is how you do it. When you feel the contractions coming, you just go (breathing/laughter). That's what they were supposed to do. And so, at the first it was kind of okay. And then they started really coming. And then they started coming like gangbusters. And Debbie had my hand. She had this hand. And I forgot to take my ring off. And she would squeeze so hard that my University of Texas ring was imprinting on this finger and this finger. It was like, Man, I don't know what kind of pain you're in, but I'm in terrible pain here (laughter). And the (he-he-he-co) wasn't quite cutting it (laughter). You know, I went online today just to look to see Lamaze classes, and somebody was ...

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